Lawn Care

White Oak Horticultural Services uses only the highest quality fertilizer products to ensure consistent results and dark green color that will be the envy of all your neighbors.  My programs range from a basic 3 application program to premier golf course style approach including preventative fungicide treatments, insect control, and weed eradication. I customize our programs based on what the customer desires and never try to sell an unnecessary treatment.  I believe very strongly that healthy turf is very beneficial to the quality of our environment. Healthy turf acts as a filter for rain water, removing many impurities from our ground water. A 650 square foot area of turf provides enough oxygen for one human being to survive on, lets make sure that turf is well taken care of. Organic fertilizer options are also available. Organic fertilizers are great for enriching the soil and safer for ground water as their nitrogen source is water insoluble. Unfortunately, organic products are not the most effective means for eradicating weeds and insects, however, turf which is thriving from its healthy soil can fight off most turf problems with little or even no help from insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides. It is my goal to use pesticides as judiciously as possible and never if they are not necessary. Safety is my number one concern and believe in the quality of the products I apply.

Crabgrass Control
Broad Leaf Weed Control
Grub and Insect Treatments
Fungicide Programs
Core Aerating 
Over Seeding
Full Lawn Renovations